There are 3 main steps to setting up a SMART Recovery Meeting

Step 1: Complete the UK SMART Recovery Facilitator training

One of the differences between SMART Recovery and most other approaches to mutual aid is the need for the meeting Facilitators to be trained.


The SMART Recovery Facilitator training course is currently open to individuals who: –

  1. Wish to volunteer for UK SMART Recovery and set up a free-standing meeting in their local community; or
  2. Work or volunteer for an organisation that is a member of our Partnership Scheme.


If you meet the eligibility criteria above and wish to be enrolled on the training, you will need to: –

  1. Set up a SMART Recovery Community Account (if you have not already done so)
  2. Complete the training application form here
  3. Await confirmation from our Volunteer Training Co-ordinator that you have been enrolled (please allow 1 full working day)

About the training

The training site is only available if you are registered and logged in via the community. When you are logged in, the available courses will be available from the ‘Training’ Menu.

The course is in two parts and uses a variety of learning materials. This includes over 15 videos (mostly 5 to 15 minutes long), reading material, exercises and a quiz after each section to reinforce the learning. Most of the learning can be structured to the learner’s own timetable.

‘Getting SMART’ provides a thorough introduction to SMART Recovery, including key underlying theory and most of the key tools.  This course is expected to take roughly 8-10 hours to complete.

‘SMART Facilitator’ builds on the first course and focuses specifically on the process of facilitating the meeting. With additional videos (stepping through a meeting) and reading materials.  This course is also expected to take roughly 8-10 hours to complete.

Step 2: Register Your meeting

Once you have received your certificate and you are ready to start your meeting you need to register the details with UK SMART Recovery Central Office.

Step 3: Promote your meeting

Once we have received and approved your registration we will send out a meeting starter pack (containing Handbook, SMART t-shirt, posters and leaflets).  You can contact our Regional and National Co-ordinators for further advice and support.

Please note we will be making some improvement to our training and as a result the online training site is likely to be offline from Tuesday 24 July until Monday 30 July 2018.  Apologies for any inconvenience.