SMART Recovery has been running for nearly 20 years and has built up a huge library of materials to support people in recovery and make SMART meetings effective. This includes articles, tools, videos, podcasts, manuals and handbooks. In addition, we link to some other material not owned by SMART Recovery but still useful to people who use our meetings.

Most of these materials are available free for download after you register on the site, some are for purchase, a few are only for our trained facilitators and a one or two are only for Partner organisations. We are getting better at organising and making the information available on this website, but it is still a work in progress so do come back again if you don’t find what you want right now.

We have a library of over 70 tools and articles, but you need to register and login to the community in order to access these (they show as a new sub-menu under ‘resources’ if you login and go to the Community page).

SMART Recovery was founded in the USA and most of the materials were developed there by our American colleagues. In some cases, it will work better in the UK if adjusted a bit, though this is a huge task and we will work through this a bit at a time in the next few months and years.

This seems to be a good place to mention how SMART Recovery develops materials.

SMART is a science based programme and evolves as the science evolves. We work as a partnership between people in recovery and professionals, including psychologists and researchers in addiction. The programme evolves out of a dialog between these groups, with the professionals keeping track of developments in the science of addiction (what research suggests will probably work) and a large team of facilitators who feedback on what is practical and effective in our meetings. We also have an International Board of Advisors with some of the most well respected researchers into addiction from whom we can seek advise if needed.