Guidance for Partners

We have prepared detailed guidance documents for the various aspects of the Partnership scheme.

Any professional

This is a short overview of SMART Recovery and the Partnership scheme. Useful as a quick introduction before delving into the 8 page documents included below.

Care and Treatment Providers

Care and treatment providers are encouraged to become Partners of SMART Recovery, introduce their service users to SMART and lend them a helping hand to build a network of mutual aid meetings in the community.


Commissioners of services for people with (and affected by) addictive behaviour have an interest in seeing a wide range of mutual aid support in their local communities. The SMART Recovery Partnership scheme can be rolled out on a DAT or ADP wide basis.


Champions are staff members within Partnership sites who complete a training course provided by UK SMART Recovery and introduce service users to the programme. The information about the training is relevant to Champions as well.


The Partnership scheme is proving extremely popular within prisons and is especially well aligned to the new Drug Recovery Wing model.


Adding the Partnership scheme within Probation, offender resettlement programmes, DIP and other community based criminal justice settings helps ‘close the circle’ of recovery within the criminal justice settings.