Summary of the Local or Face-to-Face Facilitator’s role

This is a summary of the SMART Recovery Facilitator’s role.

Setting up a meeting

  • Finding a suitable location/venue.
  • Registering the meeting.
  • Promoting the meeting.
  • Procuring flipchart paper and pens.
  • Keeping in touch with participants and SMART Recovery.
  • Supporting the local recovery community.
  • Recruiting meeting helpers.
  • Handling money.

Admin Tasks

  • Delegating treasurer duties to look after money.
  • Delegating admin duties to provide a point of contact help with premises and so on.
  • Managing the rota of the meeting phone and handle enquiries.
  • Sourcing SMART Recovery meeting materials for participants.
  • Liaising with local treatment provider services, social services, GP clinics and so on.

Meeting management

  • Readying meeting room: Arranging chairs, flipchart and laying out SMART materials.
  • Meeting and greeting participants.
  • Providing SMART Recovery materials.
  • Displaying or handing out the meeting guidelines at every meeting.
  • Reading out or asking someone else to read out the opening statement at every meeting.
  • Tidying the meeting room after the meeting, disposing of used flipchart pages, collecting unused materials and securing room if need be.

Meeting facilitation

  • Initiating the check-in.
  • Verifying and setting topics for the meeting agenda with the group.
  • Initiating and overseeing the group discussion / work time.
  • Managing challenging participants with the help of the group.
  • Using a flipchart to highlight discussion points and ensure at least one SMART tool is used at each meeting.
  • Concluding the discussion with check-out and sign posting.
  • Collecting donations.

The core tasks

The reputation and future success of SMART Recovery depends on Facilitator’s that:

  1. Abide by the Facilitators code of conduct.
  2. Complete the authorised Facilitator and Champion Training.
  3. Register your meeting with UK SMART Recovery
  4. Run meetings according to the SMART Recovery Meeting Structure.
  5. Ensure the Opening Statement is read at every meeting.
  6. Share the Meeting Guidelines at every meeting.

For detailed information please consult your SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual. If all facilitators cover these basic tasks, SMART Recovery will remain respected and effective.