How we support facilitators

UK SMART Recovery is here to grow the network of effective SMART Recovery meetings, so right at the heart of our work is the support we offer to our network of peer Facilitators. This is work in progress and we hope to offer more support as we grow and become even more established.


The training we offer is one of the most important ways that we support Facilitators. We get very good feedback that this is working and valued by our Facilitators but of course we will continue to improve upon this in future.

Facilitator’s Manual

uk-smart-facilitators-manualWhen you complete the training you will be sent a certificate and a professionally printed copy of the UK SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual.

This document provides a huge amount of information; starting with practical suggestions on how to get your meeting started and then advice on actually running the meeting.

It is not designed to be read all in one go, but dipped into regularly as your experience grows and new challenges present.

Online Facilitator support meetings

We offer three distinct types of support meetings for trained Facilitators through online voice chat.

Two are designed to help Facilitators build on what they learned in the training about SMART concepts, tools and running a meeting. These meetings use roughly the same structure as normal SMART Recovery meetings, but focus on the challenges of facilitating meetings rather than the recovery of the Facilitators themselves.

The third meeting is to offer Facilitators the opportunity to discuss with their peers, personal issues they may not want to discuss in their own or other public SMART meetings.

The schedule for all Facilitator Support meetings can be found here

Facilitator Workshop

If you are interested in practicing or improving specific skills used in meetings, this ‘hands-on’ meeting is for you. Learn how to apply what you’ve learned amongst peers in a closed, virtual workshop. You will be able to rehearse conducting check-ins, setting an agenda, and leading a discussion. You can apply motivational interviewing techniques to draw out participants’ issues and show how specific SMART tools are used to work through ‘real-life’ challenges such as ambivalence, emotional disturbances, cognitive distortions and setting goals. These workshops will offer role-playing opportunities so that you can see how group dynamics affect meeting management.

These sessions are hosted by experienced Facilitators and guest trainers on a monthly basis. You will receive the link required to attend these meetings in the e-mail sent to you when you complete training.


Facilitator Personal Support

If you have concerns or questions about your own recovery or personal issues that you feel might be affecting your ability as a Facilitator, this peer discussion group is for you. As someone who helps and supports others, it can be difficult to seek help and support for yourself, especially if yours is the only SMART meeting in the area and you feel uncomfortable sharing with the participants in your own meeting.

These sessions are hosted by experienced Facilitators on a monthly basis and follow the standard SMART meeting guidelines and meeting structure. You will receive the link required to attend these meetings in the email sent to you when you complete training.

(The above two meetings are on hold for the time being. An announcement will be made when they are due to recommence.)


SMART Meeting Management (SMM) – on the US Site.

If you are interested in furthering your meeting management skills, including following meeting guidelines, how to ‘Do SMART Recovery’ and how to create an accepting and
non-judgmental environment, this discussion meeting is for you.

Meeting leaders include SMART Recovery President, Dr Tom Horvath, Bill (Mabb) Abbott, David (Dpowersdoc) Powers and others.

These SMM meetings take place weekly at 1am on Thursday mornings and an additional meeting is held on the last Saturday of the month at 8pm. (UK times)

All SMART facilitators and volunteers are welcome to attend these meetings.

The meetings are held in SMART Room #1 on the SMART Recovery Online (SROL) Message Board.
The meeting room is accessed from the ‘SMART Recovery Chat & Meeting Rooms’ link on the menu bar.
You will need to be logged in with your SROL user-name and password to access the meeting room.
No password is required to enter the meeting.

Current Facilitators may contact UKSR online volunteers for the links to any of these meetings

No ‘clinical supervision’

Some people ask us about ‘clinical supervision’ and think this should be provided for Facilitators. Clinical supervision is a specialist form of support for people who provide counselling or psychotherapy – it is not needed for SMART Facilitators because they do not provide therapy. If a Facilitator seems to need clinical supervision to run a meeting it is because they are not following the SMART Recovery method and we would suggest that they revisit the section ‘The Role of the Facilitator’ in the online training and the Facilitator’s Manual.

More Materials

The materials available to use within and to promote meetings are steadily growing. Keep up the feedback on what you need and SMART Recovery will work together to help you run the best meetings you can.