Why become a SMART facilitator?

SMART Recovery Facilitators see remarkable changes in many of the people who attend meetings, and know that although recovery is an individual’s choice and responsibility, as a SMART Recovery Facilitator they have been able to help and make a difference.

In just a few months, Facilitators can learn enough to run good SMART Recovery meetings, though the process of honing skills and deepening knowledge can go on for many years or even decades.

SMART facilitation can be a fascinating and absorbing journey. Many of the skills learned can help in other areas of life, including the world of work. Often SMART Facilitators build on their experience of running meetings to take on other leadership roles within the recovery community.

Is it right for you?

The following is a guide to the recommended level of prior experience:

  1. Attend at least five SMART Recovery meetings before starting the online training.
  2. Get some experience of co-facilitating meetings before actually starting to facilitate.
  3. Complete the UK SMART Recovery Facilitators training course.  Anyone running a meeting described as SMART Recovery or using SMART Recovery materials must complete the training approved by UK SMART Recovery.

What is asked of Facilitators?

Even though this is a volunteer task and it is gratefully acknowledged that individuals are giving up their own time, it is asked that Facilitators are mindful of being the ‘custodians’ or representative of the SMART Recovery movement out in local communities. The reputation and future success of SMART Recovery depends on Facilitators, who are asked to:

  1. Abide by the Facilitators code of conduct.
  2. Complete the authorised Facilitator Training.
  3. Register your meetings with Central Office.
  4. Run meetings according to the SMART Recovery Meeting Structure.
  5. Ensure the Opening Statement is read at every meeting.
  6. Share the Meeting Guidelines at every meeting.

If all Facilitators cover these basic tasks, SMART Recovery will remain respected and effective.