Why volunteer as a SMART Recovery Facilitator

Volunteer SMART Recovery Facilitators see remarkable changes in many of the people who attend meetings, and know that although recovery is an individual’s choice and responsibility, as a SMART Recovery Facilitator they have been able to help and make a difference.

SMART facilitation can be a fascinating and absorbing journey. Many of the skills learned can help in other areas of life, including the world of work. Often SMART Facilitators build on their experience of running meetings to take on other leadership roles within the recovery community.

What is asked of SMART Recovery Facilitators?

Even though this is a volunteer task and it is gratefully acknowledged that individuals are giving up their own time, it is asked that Facilitators are mindful of being the ‘custodians’ or representative of the SMART Recovery movement out in local communities. The reputation and future success of SMART Recovery depends on Facilitators, who are asked to:

  1. Abide by the Facilitators code of conduct.
  2. Complete the SMART Recovery Facilitator Certificate (You will be enrolled on the Facilitator module once your volunteer application has been approved).
  3. Register your meetings with Central Office.
  4. Run meetings according to the SMART Recovery Meeting Structure.
  5. Ensure the Opening Statement is read at every meeting.
  6. Share the Meeting Guidelines at every meeting.

A full role description and recommended level of prior experience can be found here

How we support SMART Facilitators

UK SMART Recovery is here to grow the network of effective SMART Recovery meetings, so right at the heart of our work is the support we offer to our network of peer Facilitators.

National & Regional Co-ordinators

Our team of National and regional Co-ordinators is small but growing and we are always happy to help.  For details of who to contact in your area visit ‘contact us’


The training we offer is one of the most important ways that we support Facilitators. We get very good feedback that this is working and valued by our Facilitators but of course we will continue to improve upon this in future.

Facilitator’s Manual

When you complete the training you will be provided with a copy of the UK SMART Recovery Facilitator’s Manual.  This document provides a huge amount of information; starting with practical suggestions on how to get your meeting started and then advice on actually running the meeting.  It is not designed to be read all in one go, but dipped into regularly as your experience grows and new challenges present.

Meeting Materials

When you register your meeting we will send you a meeting starter pack to help you promote and run your meetings.  These materials are steadily growing. Keep up the feedback on what you need and SMART Recovery will work together to help you run the best meetings you can.

Apply Now

To apply please complete the online application form here