Press Room

SMART Recovery is an important resource for people recovering from addictive behaviours in the UK and around the world, and we are happy to share our perspective and experience with press / media organisations.

Our core activity is to run peer-led mutual aid meetings, though we do have different traditions to the other mutual aid organisations and it might help journalists understand what they can and cannot expect of us in terms of input and comment.

  • SMART Recovery meetings are confidential and if people attending wish to remain anonymous they are free to use just first names.  On the other hand, if someone wishes to be open about his or her identity they are free to do so.  Some participants of SMART Recovery are therefore happy to speak on the record and occasionally ‘on camera’ about their experiences.
  • As an organisation, we see ourselves as part of the ongoing public discourse around addictive behaviours and believe we are helping each other and wider society by sharing our perspective.  The organisation will on occasion make public statements on stories that are relevant to recovery from addictive behaviours.