What to expect

  1. Weekly meetings (unless otherwise specified)
  2. 60/90 minute duration
  3. Run by trained facilitator
  4. Focus is on the addictive behaviour and not on the substance itself
  5. Goal setting: Set your own achievable plan for the week ahead
  6. Concentrate on present and future, not on the past (no life stories!)
  7. Evidence-based tools and techniques (cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing)

Meeting format

  1. Opening Statement – what is this SMART meeting?
  2. Check-in (what are the main issues for you today?)
  3. Agenda setting (what shall we discuss?)
  4. Discussion (solutions/tools/techniques)
  5. Check-out (what will you take away/ your plans?)

Meeting guidelines

  1. Take responsibility for your own decisions and behaviour and allow others to be responsible for theirs
  2. Respect Confidentiality
  3. Avoid side conversations and stay focused on the group
  4. Do not label others or use offensive language or behaviour
  5. Keep the focus on how to abstain using SMART Recovery
  6. Seek professional help on issues not appropriate for the meeting

(Some meetings might have additional rules.  Please check with the facilitator).

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Please note we will be making some improvement to our training and as a result the online training site is likely to be offline from Tuesday 24 July until Monday 30 July 2018.  Apologies for any inconvenience.